At the heart of YourDetector STALKER, there is computing power of a 40x series 32-bit powerful processor from ST Microelectronics. The "younger brother" of which works in the heart of the Quasar ARM metal detector, allowing you to "tear" Foreign Metal Detectors in tests for many tens of thousands of rubles. At the same time, traditional Quasar ARM/F3 detectors had some limitations, which we have eliminated in yourDetector STALKER-IB metal detector.


YourDetector STALKER-IB detector belongs to the class of professional metal detectors, and has a decent depth at the level of foreign models for 500-600 USD. (as an example, with a standard 28cm coil - the 25mm copper coin is determined in the air at a depth of> 50cm)

"PRO" detector at the fraction of price

YourDetector STALKER-IB has capabilities comparable to those of metal detectors for 500-1000 USD, while the production in Russia made it possible to make the cost of Stalker comparable to foreign devices for beginners, or entry-level devices

Analytical capabilities

Stalker is equipped with a high-quality graphic display with a resolution of 128x64 pixels. The device displays a detailed spectrum of the detected target on a fast high-resolution signalograph

A graphic hodograph will be added soon

detailed sound

Professional treasure hunters look for 3/4 targets without wasting time on the screen. The sound of STALKER has many fine adjustments and is highly informative. Stalker allows you to understand in one or two strokes what is under the coil


Stalker-IB is built on a modern fast 32-bit STM32 4th series processor, which allows it to process the signal quickly and accurately.

Signal reception and processing is provided by an external expensive, high-speed and high-bit ADC, due to which top-end depth and noise immunity are achieved

The Stalker metal detector has excellent, if not one of the best metal discrimination in the world. If you often have to dig "coloured" iron with other devices, Stalker allows you to cut off such targets both by ear and using the screen
Thanks to the modern processor, Stalker-IB has the highest speed, and even on the slowest filter, the device wins the former champions in the speed of separation of complex targets.
On conventional running filters, the device has a significantly higher operating speed than 90% of Foreign devices.
almost free wireless zero delay sound
The stalker has two ways to transmit an audio signal at once:
- The traditional option involves an FM transmitter, allowing without additional. the cost of receiving audio on any radio (headphones, mobile phone, or MP3 player), with ZERO signal delay

- Proprietary transmitter and receiver of sound at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, with a minimum signal delay (compared to even fast competitors)
01. ease of use

yourdetector ERGONOMICS

Those who have been using our metal detectors for a long time know how much attention and effort we spend on developing really convenient devices! Since we are Diggers, Ergonomics is one of the most important arguments for us! With the new YourDetector Scout stem you can dig 24/7 without fatigue, and even a little longer.

Yes, we have made the most compact stem in the world (for an adult). Its length in the folded state = 45.5 cm, which allows you to go into the forest right from the meeting, with an ordinary business briefcase! (or with a BIG handbag ;) )
Rotateable display
The ability to rotate the display gives you a great view, whether you're right-handed or left-handed. And also, thanks to the possibility of rotation by 90 degrees, the device is compact, and turns into a thin "pancake".
Due to the repeatedly tested and verified angles of the handle and the proprietary armrest lift, you will not have premature arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, and the 24-hour dig will turn into an easy walk!
02. full power!

top insides

Anyone who has already had the experience of buying Russian or Ukrainian devices on Avito knows how important it is to choose the right manufacturer;) Since some projects are Open, practically anyone can make a simple Quasar. And you don’t have to go far for spare parts: Granddad's Radio, a Singer sewing machine, and your DIY Quasar / Stalker is already squealing all over the field :)

We have always paid attention to the quality of components, and that is why our classic Quasars have always received only extremely positive reviews. We continue this tradition in the STALKER line

YourDetector STALKER is assembled using modern technologies, thanks to which it has high repeatability and a low failure rate
We have always used only components purchased from official suppliers. Despite the sanctions, we plan to continue this good tradition. Comrades who had the opportunity to compare Ordinary metal detectors and devices from YourDetector know the difference.
Professional SUPPORT 24/7
For many years we have been digging only with our devices and we know EVERYTHING about them. We are always happy to answer any questions, solve any problems, suggest the choice of components or accessories, or give advice on the application.
03. extremely sensitive coils

new "monolith" search coils

We successfully tested the coil production technology on the Quasar ARM and Krot metal detectors. yourDetector STALKER metal detector has got three new coils made using YourDetector Monolith and YourDetector Feather technologies

NEW 2х & 3х frequency technology
The YourDetector STALKER-IB metal detector is equipped with one of three sensors and can operate at two or three frequencies, which allows the metal detector to successfully find any targets, from tanks to gold earrings. (by default, the device is equipped with two-frequency coil with frequencies of 12 and 25 kHz)
All sensors in the STALKER line weigh less than 500 grams and can be submerged under water down to 3 meters

choice of coils

The YourDetector STALKER metal detector is used to search for completely different targets in any conditions. However, choosing the right coil can improve the performance of the metal detector in specific conditions. The general rule is simple - if you just need a Universal Metal Detector that is suitable for both Iron and coins / jewelry, feel free to choose a 27cm Universal Sensor.

If your search will take place on the beach, or in the old littered settlements, then it will be justified to choose a smaller coil. For these purposes, we prefer the 23x25cm sensor.

The "sniper" coil is usually taken as an extra, it provides a good separation of targets in difficult areas like foundations, or heavily littered places.

DD 27см sensor

This is a great universal sensor, suitable for most life situations. Its only limitation is work in heavily littered places, as well as poor "passability" between the bushes.

DD 23x25см sensor

This sensor has a slightly lower maximum depth, but it has excellent discrimination, works great on the beach, and is able to break through the vegetation

sniper sensor

A highly specialized sensor of small size, due to which it has excellent separation of nearby targets. Suitable for work in Waste Bins, Foundations and Attics


The YourDetector STALKER metal detector was created with the idea to become the most portable Metal Detector in the World, and it seems to us that this mission was successfully accomplished! With a maximum length greater than most MDs on the market, the boom is perhaps the most compact and one of the lightest in the world. Made from reinforced carbon fiber, its folded length is only 45.5cm.
Due to the rotary block, the height of the folded metal detector does not exceed 10 cm, and you can hide it in any small backpack. In disassembled form (reel removed, and Block disconnected), Detector occupies a record small space. At the same time, complete assembly and disassembly takes about one minute.


This is how STALKER MD looks like without disassembly. Folding to this state takes 10 seconds

The kit in this form is guaranteed to fit in any treasure hunt backpack, while bringing it into working condition will take a couple of seconds (3 collets and straightening the coil cable)

MAXIMUM length

The YourDetector Scout boom has a huge margin for maximum size. On average, it is 10-15 cm longer than competitors

At the same time, the bar is also an example of excellent ergonomics. If in standard stems, you will wear the device all day in your biceps, then with the YD Scout the prospection will be relaxed and at ease


By removing the coil (59 seconds), and detaching the unit (1 second), the kit turns into the World's Most Compact Metal Detector! (we are talking about the usual, adult MD)

  • Length: 45.5cm
  • Width: 23-27cm (depending on the width of the coil)
  • Height: 11cm

how to order
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